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Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Gift Ideas...

With birthday parties popping up and the Holidays right around the corner (I don't want to think about it!) we have some perfect gift ideas just for you!

Check out our Signature Little Pink Turtle Bow Holder ($6). This was given out as one of our prizes during our first week of celebrating our anniversary. Throw a few clippies or bows on there and you have a perfect little gift for under $20!

Another great and very popular gift are our Initial Bow Holders. You can choose from one ($15 sale price!) or a set of three ($35 sale price!) They look beautiful in your little darling's room or hanging from adorable hooks or shelves. Add some bows or clippies and this really is the perfect gift for any angel.

These are just two ideas that we have to offer! Check out our site for lots more!

***Don't forget about our ANNIVERSARY Giveaway going on this week. The giveaway ends this Sunday and then a NEW one begins...stay tuned!!! We still have two more weeks of some anniversary fun!

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