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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baby Shower/Birthday Gift IDEA!

A few months ago, we had a Mom's Club friend purchase a bunch of different bows and one of our frame bow holders for a special gift she was giving! We thought we would share this "gift" with you all as we think it was the PERFECT Baby Shower present for a mom who is expecting a baby girl! This could also be a wonderful baby gift or birthday present!

If you like the idea and would love help finding the perfect bows and bow holder for your special little girl, email us at

Baby Shower Poem
By Sharon Massey

Every little lady needs her accessories
This gift will help mommy find them with ease

In January when everything is white as snow
You’ll fit right in with this little white bow

In February there’s Valentine’s and love fills the air
These candy hearts have just the right flair

In March we have St. Patty’s day
Wear these shamrocks as you play

April brings Easter and lots of candy
This bunny in your hair will look just dandy

May is so pretty as the flowers bloom
Put one in your hair before you leave your room

June brings us summer and beautiful blue skies
So it only seems fitting to wear butterflies

In July there’s lots of red white and blue
But don’t forget your stars and stripes too

August is hot as summer comes to an end
But you’ll still flaunt your flowers when you meet up with friends

In September the leaves turn and the weather is mellow
You’ll blend in perfectly when you’re wearing yellow

October brings Halloween and all kinds of scare
But don’t forget to dress up your hair

In November the leaves fall onto the ground
You may find that anything goes with brown

Finally December, when Christmas is near
Your gingerbread man will fill you with cheer

Lastly…since you’re a girl one would only think
Surely you’ll wear lots of purple and pink


Sharon Massey said...

I got a lot of wonderful compliments for this gift at the shower. Everyone was very impressed with the quality of the bows. And, I think you may have acquired a few new customers from it as well! When I presented it to her, I had her open the bow holder first and hold it up. Then I read the poem line by line and handed her each bow one at a time to clip on to the holder. It really was the perfect gift, it got a lot of "ooohs" and "aaahs" and was passed around after it was comlete:) Thank you LPT for making wonderful accessories. This wouldn't have been the great gift it was without you!!

CML Designs - said...

I love this idea. I already bookmarked it for when I have a shower to go to!!

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