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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Scoop!

Little Pink Turtle offers beautiful high-quality baby and toddler hair bows at a reasonable price! All bows come in a variety of colors and styles. Bows are handmade and attached to a lined two-prong alligator clip or french clip barrette.

Pigtail bows - $5.00 Sold in a set of 2.
Available in a variety of colors and styles.
-small pinwheel bows
-lined clipplies-fun swirly bows

Basic Bows- $3-$5.50
Pinwheel bows come in three different sizes. for additional embellishments (ex..knot middle, extra ribbon..add $.50/each) "No-slip" grip can also be added to the basic bow.
- small 1-2" basic bow (3/8 Grosgrain ribbon) - $3
- medium 3" basic bow (7/8 Grosgrain) - $4
- large 4-5" basic bow - (1.5 Grosgrain) -$5

Covered Clips With and Without Embellishments.
Covered clips are great for that simple look or babies without the amount of hair to hold a big bow. Covered clips come in pairs. Pairs are not always matching.
- Basic Covered Clip- $3.00/two
- Tuxedo style Covered Clips with or without embellishments - $4.00/two

Baby Bows (X-Small Pinwheel Bow)
Baby bows are made for that adorable newborn that hardly has any hair. All baby bows can be lined with "no-slip" grip or be attached to Velcro. Baby bows can be sold in pairs or a set of 5 assorted colors (depending on season)

Infant Bows - $1.50
Baby Bow - $2.00
Baby Bows Assorted (5)- $10

Crochet Headbands - $2

Hair Bow Holders- assorted colors and styles- starting at $5

COMING SOON! Ponytail hairbands with buttons and/or streamers - perfect for sports, dance, or plain ol' fun!

Bows can be custom made to match a certain "Special Occasion" outfit or according to seasons.
Contact Information:Please EMAIL for further information or if you are interested in purchasing, please contact We will send you a custom order form for you to fill out. :)

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